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Produktinformationen "FIBERLASE CO2 Laser Fiber"

The FiberLaseTM CO2 laser fiber is a class of its own. A high quality, durable & flexible fiber served with a collection of dedicated operational tools.

The FiberLase CO2 laser fiber allows easy access to difficult-to-reach anatomy and provides a variety of delicate treatment options.
FiberLase can be easily integrated into your existing surgical environment allowing you to comfortably perform a wide variety of procedures, making the laser an easy-to-use tool.  FiberLase allows you to expand from the operating room to the outpatient environment, save costs,and enable periodical treatments of recurring conditions under local anesthesia.

AD 1.04mm, 2.0 m. Spot Grösse: 295μm am Fiberende. Bis 40 Watt CO2 laser input (blue mark),  single use, sterile