Teaching Course: High-Resolution Anorectal 3D Manometry

High-resolution manometry is a state-of-the-art technology for the evaluation of functional disorders of the esophagus and anorectal. ManoScan and EndoFlip systems provide realtime data in HR or 3D for a reliable diagnosis. pH-monitoring systems are available with or without catheter and with or without calibration. Learn about the advantages of each system and how to read the results and make the right diagnosis.


Program Teaching Course

08:45 - 09:00:
Arrival, Beverages, Sandwiches

09:00 - 12:00:
How we eat and drink: 
Introduction to oesophageal motility and function Clinical investigation and diagnosis of oesophageal motility disorders by high-resolution manometry (Chicago Classification version 4.0)

Practical demonstration of high-resolution oesophageal impedance-manometry in patients (small groups max 10)

Case presentation and discussion (Please bring your own case.)

12:00 - 12:30:
Lunch Break

12:30 - 16:00:
How we go to the toilet:

Fecal continence and defecation

Clinical assessment and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders (London Classification)

Practical demonstration of high-resolution anorectal manometry in patients

Pelvic Floor Board: Case presentation and discussion (Please bring your own case.)

about 16:00:
End of the event


CHF 150.00

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Freitag, 23.09.2022 -
Dienstag, 14.11.2023

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Über den Experten

Prof. Dr. med. Mark Fox

Specialist in gastroenterology, Head of Functional Diagnostics Klinik Arlesheim Medical studies in Oxford, residency in gastroenterology in London at St.Thomas‘ and King‘s College Hospital as well as at the University Hospital Basel and Zurich,many years of academic work at the „National Digestive Diseases Center“ in Nottingham, UK and at the Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology in University Hospital Zurich, Chief Physician at St. Claraspital, Basel, since the beginning of 2019 Chief Physician and Head of the new Center for the Examination and Treatment of Motility Disorders and Functional Diseases of the Digestive System Klinik Arlesheim.
Prof. Dr. med. Alain Schoepfer

Chief Medical Officer, Head of Gastroenterology, CHUV, Lausanne More than half of the patients who see a gastroenterologist have functional gastrointestinal disease. In a significant proportion of the patients, the symptoms are based on a gastrointestinal motility disorder, for example achalasia or dyssynergic defecation. Despite their obvious relevance for the everyday working life of every gastroenterologist, such motility disorders are often neglected in further education and training.

Teaching Course: High-Resolution Anorectal 3D Manometry

Freitag, 23.09.2022 -
Dienstag, 14.11.2023